BEING REVIVED is a new musical theatre company based in Frederick, MD. Our goal is to expose audiences to musicals that are lesser known, or just haven't found their audience yet. Here is a letter from our founder, taken from the playbill of our first musical review:


Every actor, every director, everyone involved with musical theatre (yes, even the audience) has a long list of shows they wish would be done more often. And another long list of shows that they wish would go away, if not forever at least for the foreseeable future. We’ve all done and/or seen way too many productions of Oklahoma!, Bye Bye Birdie, and My Fair Lady. And be honest: doesn’t the mere thought of sitting through yet another production of Annie make you want to step on some freckles and rip out some curls? I know someone who has done The Wizard of Oz an astonishing five times. That is cruel and unusual punishment.

Now all of those are lovely shows that have very deservedly achieved their longevity. They are tuneful, funny, and most importantly they sell tickets. Theatres continue doing them because they know that, like that sentimental baseball movie, “If you build it they will come.” They are the bread and butter of most theatre companies. But all of those theatres are also getting tired of the same old bread and butter. They long to be able to put something else on their schedule and give their audience (and themselves) something new to taste. More often than not, they decide not to risk it because audiences tend to not go see something that they don’t already know. But here’s the tragic Catch-22: audiences don’t know some of these shows because theatres don’t do them, and theatres don’t do them because audiences don’t know them.

There are hundreds of musicals in the catalogs of MTI, Sam French, Tams-Witmark, and others that are gathering dust and falling further into obscurity. And I’m talking works by major writers. When was the last time you saw Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Allegro, Me and Juliet or Pipe Dream? (And if you’ve seen Pipe Dream I need to buy you a drink.) If I were to ask you which Cole Porter shows you’ve seen or done, your list would include Anything Goes and Kiss Me Kate, and then abruptly stop. And that’s a shame.

Being Revived wants to start changing that. We are a theatre company with a mission to pull some of these shows out of obscurity and let them see the light of day again by presenting them in intimate productions with less emphasis on the sets and costumes and more on the material. We want to give some older shows a new life, some that were hits in their day but have fallen by the wayside. Show like: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman! (Charles Strouse), Call Me Madam (Irving Berlin,) I Love My Wife (Cy Coleman), She Loves Me (Bock & Harnick), Romance/Romance, Closer Than Ever, March of the Falsettos, (insert your own titles here – you know you have them).

Also shows that flopped or had very short lives: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Ashman & Menken,) Saturday Night (Stephen Sondheim), Nymph Errant (Cole Porter), Chess, Eating Raoul, Carrie, Smile, Lock Up Your Daughters, Rags, and on and on…

Actors are hungry for something to challenge them, audiences are hungry for something fun and entertaining. To misquote a grand dame of the stage: musical theatre is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving themselves to death. We will be looking for actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, basically anyone and everyone interested in doing something besides the usual bread and butter. Let’s make something together.

- David Norman